Minneapolis Family Photographer // Family Session // Paola & Scott

Minneapolis Family Photographer // In-Home Family Session

Shooting a family session at Paola & Scott’s home really took me back to the magical aspects of being a kid.  I really wanted this shoot to be from their son’s perspective – showing the excitement & joy of a Saturday morning & afternoon when you’re a kid.  There are so many advantages of shooting an in-home family session.  It’s an environment that is meaningful to you and reflects you as a family.  There’s also a lifestyle vibe that comes off in the photos.  I wanted them to be candid, natural and in the moment.  Setting the scene and creating vignettes like this is something important to do if you’re going for candid & natural moments.  I usually have some sort of script in my head of what will happen or how to create these moments.  Getting people to relax and laugh is key.  For the Terry family it was important to give them things to do – so the photos read as an editorial and have that slice of life feeling.   So you’ll see we started with Alé, their son, waking his parents up in the morning.  The continued through eating some treats and making orange juice, then playing some games in the afternoon.  Was a great and fun shoot and I look forward to shooting more in-home family sessions soon!

Minneapolis Family Photographer


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Bakken Museum Wedding // Wedding Mansions Minneapolis

An Intimate Bakken Museum Wedding

Intimate Weddings in the Twin Cities

For over a few years now I’ve known about this special gem in the Twin Cities that is the Bakken Museum.  One of the best wedding mansions Minneapolis has to offer, it is so unlike any of the other Twin Cities wedding venues I’ve seen.  If you’re looking to host an intimate wedding, I would definitely check it out.  Featuring ornate English Renaissance architecture that hails back to mansion era Minneapolis and lush gardens that are reminiscent of English countryside tea gardens, the Bakken Museum offers a unique appeal that feels distinctly European in it’s charm.  Knowing their wedding was going to be an intimate one with only their closest family and friends, Miriam and Gabriel couldn’t have made a better choice than the Bakken for their wedding ceremony.

Wedding Mansions Minneapolis // The Bakken Museum

There are a number of wedding mansions Minneapolis has to offer because of it’s historic past. But there’s something special about the Bakken Museum.  Now a museum focused on electricity, the Bakken features many 16th century English Renaissance and Tudor architectural flairs that make it almost seem like you’re at a charming mini-castle in the English countryside.  It’s also a photographer’s dream – as there’s so many brilliant places to shoot.


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Engagement Tips // Loring Park Engagement Photographer

5 Ways to Approach Your Engagement Right

There’s a million ways to shoot an engagement … and that’s what I love about shooting them!  There’s nothing worse as a creative person than finding yourself in a rut – or repeating the same thing ad infinitum.  Boring!  What I aim for with the vibe of every engagement I do is to try to keep it fun, natural, honest, and in-the-moment.  But that’s just the vibe of the photos.  Ultimately there’s a bit of style planning that goes into an engagement ahead of time – so we get photos that are meaningful slices of life for you both, while also helping you look your best.  Here’s some engagement tips for photographers and brides, which will help you style the most fabulous editorial-style engagement session.


Before I do any engagement I come up with a plan.  This is kind of like a script and is based on a conversation we have about where you want to shoot and the mood you’re going for with your photos.  It’s never more than a page, but it does help immensely.  I’ll usually break the shoot up into 3 parts with 3 outfits.  Typically there will be some variation between each part so you get a range of different moods and settings.  For the first part of Mariah & Sammy’s couples shoot we set up a simple bed scene.


It’s important to have fun.  I don’t mean fake fun either! It’s important to laugh, to goof around, to be yourself, to play.  Those are where the best photos come from.  Conducive to that I always try to create an environment where that sort of playfulness can occur.  I also have some photographer tricks up my sleeve to get us to those moments.  Case in point:  Mariah & Sammy playing airplane below 🙂


Do you ever look at some photographers photos and think ‘Dang that looks good but I could never get myself to do that’?  No worries, you’re in the majority.  A lot of times being serious and intimate in photos can be daunting for couples.  But those romantic photos are also some of the best & most elegant photos of any collection.  Usually for these photos it’s a matter of me guiding you through poses that help you get out of your head and not feel awkward.  I ultimately want you to feel as comfortable, safe & in love as if you would if I weren’t even there.


I always give my clients a primer on what clothes tend to work best for engagements and the style in which I shoot. A part of this conversation has to do with getting to know your personal style a bit, while also suggesting certain colors that mesh well with my work.  In general, muted colors, earth tones, darker colors & charcoal tones look best with the type of photos I do.  It’s also nice to bring in some more statement pieces for some kick to the photos – like the fedora below.


The location we settle on usually says a lot about you as a couple.  I love doing at-home engagements as much as I love shooting at some obscure part of the city.  But the location doesn’t necessarily have to be the place you met or the place you visit most often.  Sometimes those places just aren’t as fun and photographically compelling as, say, a walk through the North Loop or an off-the-beaten-path style engagement. When choosing a location I like to be adventurous.  I like to think that the spot we’re shooting in is a spot that most engagement photographers have never even heard of.  I want the photos to be as unique and as special as your relationship and a lot of that has to do with not repeating what other photogs & other couples have done.  It’s good to explore a bit.

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