ABOUT MARC Marc Andreo is one of the top Minneapolis
wedding photographers and has enjoyed
shooting wedding & portraiture clients for
over a decade. His work has been
featured in such taste-making publications
as Style Me Pretty, Minnesota Bride, Artfully
Wed and more. His work on a wedding was
also featuredas one of the best of 2017 by Bridal
Musings. He has worked with hundreds of wedding
& portraiture clients to help realize photos that
are beautiful, modern & timeless; priceless photos
that will be treasured for decades to come.
MY PROMISE to you My promise to my clients is simple: hire me & you will get the best photos that you’ve
ever had taken of you. You won’t for a minute regret the choice; the product &
experience will be something you will cherish for years. I can help take you back to all the
wonderful moments of your wedding day in a way that matches the depth of feeling &
emotions that you shared. It only happens once & those memories are priceless. As a
photographer, I stop time. The photographic moments I capture are the doorways to how
you will re-experience, honor, and cherish your wedding for years to come.
Over several years of professional experience
I've learned that an honest & organic
process produces honest & organic photos.
No matter what wedding or portraiture shoot
I participate in, my objective is always about
producing an experience that is comfortable
and empowering, with photographs that are
personal and one-of-a-kind. I relish exceeding
the expectation of my clients and helping you
feel confident in the skin you’re in. You are
beautiful and I know how to make that beauty
come through in your photos.
Honest & Organic photos
My photography style is intimate, honest,
simple and timeless. I like to let my subjects
shine without too many distracting elements
in my shots. The type of posed photos I
produce is heavily influenced by classic
portraiture photography & high-end fashion
photography (like the work you see in
Vogue). Those are the types of images I would
tear out of magazines as a teenager - I've studied
posing & the high fashion "look" for years. The
unposed candid shots I take is influenced by
documentary-style photojournalism, with an honest
& candid take on all those special moments that
naturally occur at a wedding.
I know the dynamics of a wedding day inside
& out. Whether it’s helping with scheduling
& preparations, or getting a sense of the
style you’re looking for with your photos, I
work closely with you before the wedding to
help realize your vision.

Your wedding is an experience and I want
you to enjoy it. Your photographer should
make you feel comfortable, confident and
well taken care of. I do that for all my clients
and I will do that for you.
Your Wedding Day
Get In Touch I do hope you will get in touch with me to learn more. I would love to shoot your
wedding in all it’s glory. I am based in Minneapolis and am always available for
coffee or to handle your questions by phone.Get in touch. You deserve only the best
photos for one of the best days of your life. And I want to capture them for you.