Marc is a Minneapolis-based photographer.  He enjoys being a film nerd and shoots with a collection of vintage film cameras, as well as shooting digital at weddings.  As a wedding photographer, Marc strives to create a unique collection of memorable photos that are intimate & honest.  He loves shooting weddings because it combines all aspects of photography - from photojournalism to fashion to details.  His wish for his clients are that they receive a collection of photos that feels like art and which they’ll look back on fondly for years to come. 

Nazara works with Marc regularly as a Second Shooter & Assistant.  She is a creative & professional shooter with a distinct photojournalistic style that meshes well with Marc's work.   She has worked on most of Marc's weddings.  Her easygoing nature & organized mindset help make the day run smoothly & efficiently.  Nazara is a proud mom with two kids & a penchant for swing dancing.

Marc also works with a couple other skilled & professional Second Shooters & Assistants when Nazara is not available.   Everyone who works on Marc's team knows the ins & out of the wedding day, what need to be captured & what needs to be done.