As a photographer, I am a storyteller.  I have a visual style and narrative voice that you can find in all of my work.  I aim to produce work that is honest and has personal meaning for you.  My work has been featured by Style Me Pretty and Minnesota Bride, among other publications.  I've shot countless weddings as a Minneapolis wedding photographer, but also have shot around the state of Minnesota.  I still bring the same approach to every wedding I work at, making images that are both memorable, subtle and elegant. As a fine art wedding photographer, I often shoot on film.  For me, nothing beats the beauty of a great film portrait.  In the future I would like to do more work as a destination wedding photographer.  If you are getting married at a select venue on one of the coasts or abroad, I would love to hear from you.  Capturing moments in time is what I do & I do it without pretense, in the most authentic way I can.

I care about the experience just as much as the final product.   A lot of my work centers around getting to know you and finding out what aspects of my work speak to you most.   My work is process-driven and I want the experience & the result to ring true and beautiful to you.  When I’m working as a film wedding photographer, I tend to work a bit more slowly than when I’m shooting digital.  The result of the film portraits, however, cannot be beat.  For me, one of the most captivating things about photography is how personal it can be, how it can enhance one’s beauty and transform the way we see ourselves; how it can take us back to relive the best times of our lives and share them with others.

Capturing Moments in Time Gorgeous Photographs in an authentic & honest way.

One distinguishing feature of my work is that I am a hybrid shooter, combining both the beauty of film photography & the practicality of digital photography in my work.  When working with film,  I shoot mostly medium format and work with a dedicated lab on the West Coast.  I like the colors and tones to be a certain way, and so I shoot & get my work scanned in a way that is conducive to that.   I love working as a film wedding photographer for portraits especially because of the colors and the skin tones film creates.  Film also has a distinct look which is soft & rich.  I also shoot digitally at all weddings, with great gear, and match the digital photos to the film photos.    In low-light, some group photos or fast-moving situations,  shooting digitally makes the most sense and I am happy to utilize both mediums in my work.