I work extensively with my clients ahead of the wedding for preparations, planning, and getting to know your vision. I help clients draft up a photography itinerary for the day, establish a shot list for family formals & answer any questions regarding what to expect. I say this all the time, but the experience that you have with me is just as important as the final product. I want my clients to experience a simple process where they feel relaxed and taken care of.
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$3000 for weddings Get in touch
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Capturing genuine Moments with a simple, minimalist style neutral tones & natural colors
The beauty of film is unparalleled. I shoot in a way that emphasizes the ethereal
and the beauty of light & softer colors.
the timeless Beauty of film Shot on
Beautiful film
I shoot film at every wedding I do. I also shoot digitally & edited the digital photos to look like film. I gravitate towards the beautiful medium of film because of how film handles light& color & skin tones. I also love the process, and my clients do to. Film looks beautiful printed & I offer printed items in all my collections.
My style is very much influenced by fine art photography. I find
inspiration in places as varied as impressionist painting and
minimalist Scandinavian design. I view photography as an art form
& there is a level of intentional artistry and carefully crafted
poses & layouts in my images.
Candid & Intimate My Style & Approach
MY PHILOSOPHY I approach photography with a painterly sensibility. My work is impressionistic and candid, airy and serene, tender and sincere. My process of working with you is organic and personalized. I embrace my work with a clear creative direction that's derived from eight years working as a photographer and honing my distinct style. With compositions that are fresh and understated, I capture the subtlety & nuance of your relationship. My work is imbued by natural light and often captured on film, giving the photographs a natural, serene & timeless appearance. My photography work has been deeply indebted to and inspired by the art & craft of shooting film.
Couples & Family Sessions
$550 STARTING AT Lifestyle Shoots
that capture the quotidian.
Book a Lifestyle shoot
for you or your family.
Focusing on the authenticity of you as a couple
or as a family, these shoots are designed
to showcase a day-in-the-life of you & your
loved ones. With an editorial style & candid
images that can be taken at your home or
outdoors, these images are slices of time
that you will treasure for years.
Family A family session is a chance to capture a
moment in time with you & your family.
I capture you doing things you normally
do - enjoying life together! Through natural
& organic interactions, you end up with
photos that are playful, honest & intimate.
Couples Capturing your love for each other in an
environment that is meaningful to you is
something you'll never regret. With an
approach that emphasizes organic & simple
interactions, you'll receive a collection of
photos that are intimate, understated
& authentic.
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