Theodore Wirth Park Engagement // Allie & Brad

Theodore Wirth Park Wedding // Rustic Engagement Photos

Engagement photos should feel honest, and capture that special moment in time before the wedding day.   Often it’s the first time I get to work with a couple and it’s a great way to get to know each other ahead of the wedding.  Allie & Brad were great & easygoing, and their love for one another really came out in the photos.  Shot in the early Springtime, this engagement featured all the rustic qualities of Theodore Wirth Park and a neutral tan palette as the buds were just starting to sprout.   If you’re also looking for rustic wedding venues, then a Theodore Wirth Park wedding at the Wirth Chalet Fireplace Room may be the way to go.

Rustic Engagement in the Woods // Theodore Wirth Park

I like to capture a blend of intimate close-ups and panoramic shots in my engagement photo collections.  Typically this is pretty easy to do once we get to know each other & relax a bit.  I’ll typically guide my clients on where to look or give them an action to do while shooting.  Most importantly, I just want you to comfortable in your own skin while I snap away photos.  It is very important to find a good location, though.  Wherever I shoot, I’ll most often arrive early (unless I’ve shot there before) and determine a trajectory which we’ll follow for the engagement shoot.  When I’m scouting locations, I’ll always consider the lighting and how I’ll incorporate different settings into the shoot.

Sunset Engagement Photos

Sunset (otherwise known amongst photographers as “golden hour”) is my favorite time to shoot.  It’s the best time to shoot portraits because the light is softer and more golden at this time.  If it’s an overcast day, the location can feel totally different (for comparison, check out this other Theodore Wirth Park engagement I shot).  It’s not better or worse, it’s just that the mood is different.  That said, I was happy to see the sun come out for Allie & Brad’s engagement.  I felt the sun flares really matched their spirit and worked well in the pics.  The shot below is one of my favorite golden hour engagement photos.  I also love to see how the lighting in the photos evolves from when we just start to the more sun-tinged photos at the end of the shoot.

To see more beautiful Golden Hour photos, check out this Stillwater wedding I shot at Trellis Weddings or the Lindsey & Ben’s camp wedding up in Northern Minnesota.

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