Minneapolis Family Photographer // Family Session // Paola & Scott

Minneapolis Family Photographer // In-Home Family Session

Shooting a family session at Paola & Scott’s home really took me back to the magical aspects of being a kid.  I really wanted this shoot to be from their son’s perspective – showing the excitement & joy of a Saturday morning & afternoon when you’re a kid.  There are so many advantages of shooting an in-home family session.  It’s an environment that is meaningful to you and reflects you as a family.  There’s also a lifestyle vibe that comes off in the photos.  I wanted them to be candid, natural and in the moment.  Setting the scene and creating vignettes like this is something important to do if you’re going for candid & natural moments.  I usually have some sort of script in my head of what will happen or how to create these moments.  Getting people to relax and laugh is key.  For the Terry family it was important to give them things to do – so the photos read as an editorial and have that slice of life feeling.   So you’ll see we started with Alé, their son, waking his parents up in the morning.  The continued through eating some treats and making orange juice, then playing some games in the afternoon.  Was a great and fun shoot and I look forward to shooting more in-home family sessions soon!

Minneapolis Family Photographer


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