Bayview Event Center Lakeside Wedding

Shooting Mariam and Abdul's wedding was a unique and memorable experience.  As a wedding photographer it required me to think quickly on my toes and shoot efficiently, as everything was running very late.   But more importantly, largely because of Mariam and Abdul's warm and laidback personalities, it reminded me to relax - take a breath - so my clients could in turn feel as relaxed as possible in front of the camera.  Not only did this help us getting amazing pictures, but the experience of the day was even sweeter.

When I first saw Mariam in her gown I was totally floored.  This was one of my favorite gowns that I've seen at a wedding - purchased from the always stellar Che Bella Boutique in Minneapolis.  I loved how she accessorized it with this lovely birdcage veil, which she found on Etsy.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1585.jpg

We were already done with bridal portraits when we passed these lovely lilac bushes on the way to the car.  It's always important to get the shot when you can, especially when you see a composition that will be particularly memorable.  Mariam graciously obliged and we took a few photos.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1505.jpg

I love this shot of Mariam and her bridesmaids below.  It's infused with enthusiasm and joy, and also has a bit of dynamic momentum (with the camera slightly tilted, and the girls seeming to move).  I can't remember if this was a direction or a moment I captured, but I love it!

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1510.jpg

Sometimes when doing Formals the most memorable shots are actually the moments between the Formal portraits.  This was the case below when the ring bearer started to "dab".  It's so important to capture these types of moments as they're typically the ones that end up in the albums.

This was such an easy crew to work with and it shows.  In general I prefer to keep things relaxed for these portraits so it doesn't feel like so much of a chore for the couple and their crew.

I like to blend photojournalistic shots like the one below into the collection.  These are just moments which capture the day unfolding in an authentic way and serve as a great counterpoint to the fine art portraits I do.

This ring bearer was cracking me up at this wedding.  I find that kids love the camera and usually lend some of the most honest, endearing and expressive snapshots to the day.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1572.jpg

The details for this Bayview Event Center wedding were perfect for Springtime.  Also loved the floral done by Luna Vinca.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1517.jpg
Bayview Event Center Wedding_1546.jpg

When taking these details shots I do make sure to style them well.  This means a minimalist and bare backdrop and carefully placing the items together as if for a commercial shot.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1513.jpg
Bayview Event Center Wedding_1513.jpg

This May weather couldn't have been better.  It's always great doing a wedding near the water, especially as golden hour approaches.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1556.jpg

Mariam and Abdul's wedding was a blend of cultures.  I really liked capturing that, and loved the colorful scarves that many of the women were wearing.

Believe it or not, but the shots below were arranged on the fly.  I don't really know how we got everyone together, but we managed and the result looked great.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1615.jpg

It's always great when the dress tones match or complement the backdrop.  

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1552.jpg

That golden hour sun started peaking through as I managed to pull Mariam and Abdul away from the crowd.  A little bit of sun flare can be nice for some shots.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1620.jpg

The intricate henna applied to Mariam's arms and hands is a Somali tradition and I loved how elegant it looked with her dress ensemble.

I took the couple away for a bit to take some photos on the dock while the sun was setting.  Usually by this time of day very little direction is needed for the couple.  Their love for each other really shows and I'm just capturing the moments as they occur.

Bayview Event Center Wedding_1657.jpg
Bayview Event Center Wedding_1664.jpg
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