Kenilworth Trail Engagement

A Rustic Engagement near the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

Every engagement has a trajectory that we follow, a walk we take.  Kenilworth Trail is always an interesting spot for engagements and is always changing.  Every time I come back here I feel I find something new.  Midway through the session, after some picnic shots in the woods, I found us getting a little lost before we got back on the trail. But unexpected moments like that are welcome - getting lost is part of the journey.

Kenilworth Trail portraits

Both Kyle and Kristi were so easy to work with, their gentle smiles always refreshing in front of the lens.  I love getting to that point where everything just flows and the couples I work with feel authentic and natural.

Almost like a metaphor for life, it's important to step back and look at the bigger picture.  I love seeing how small we can appear in a beautiful natural setting.

An impromptu picnic with a bottle of champagne was one of the ideas this couple had for the session.  It's good to have things to do.  This adds variation to the collection.  The light couldn't have been better here.

MN wedding photographer_2301.jpg

We found this clearing in the middle of the woods after getting a little lost.  It seemed like an abandoned parking lot.  Kyle and Kristi went and made it their own private ballroom for a moment.

I love capturing black and white images for a documentary, photojournalistic feel.  

This was one of my favorite images from the session.  The slightly bluish green foliage behind them complemented Kristi's shirt and eye color perfectly.

Moments like this just sort of happened.  Sometimes it's better to just step back and let things flow.

But this shot below, with almost perfect symmetry, all balanced - I felt it  represented this beautiful engagement session best. 

SummerMarc Andreo