Acadia National Park, Maine. Part 2.

Exploring one of the finest U.S. National Parks.


Here's the second part from my trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. Though I am a wedding photographer, I also consider a large part of my work to fall into the category of landscape photography.  With so many weddings taking place at stunning venues with picturesque natural surroundings, one cultivates an approach to shooting landscapes.  There's an art to it.  

I often use the Rule of Thirds in my work.  You can see that here where the photo above is clearly broken into three segments that are visually pleasing.

The bare tones of Acadia National Park were beautiful in and of themselves.  I loved trekking over this stony landscape strewn with seaweed.

Oddly enough, the shot above was one of my favorites from this trip.  It seems so regular and anonymous - but I love the tonal gradation and the emptiness it contains.

I spotted some lovers walking across the beach and I had to snap a pic.  Reminded me of how much fun it would be to actually shoot an engagement session in a spot like this.

Dusk started to fall on Acadia, and I love capturing those darker tones and sillouhettes.

SpringMarc Andreo