Acadia National Park, Maine. Part 1.

Epic Nature at Its Finest - Some of my favorite photos from Acadia National Park.

Acadia National Park is one of my favorite national parks in the United States.  It's vast swaths of wilderness and rolling mountains and hills are truly unique features on the New England Coast.  I visited this national treasure last year, and it was hard not to snap a million pictures. The serene beauty of nature is something that always captivates me.  And these types of epic landscapes truly invoke a sense of awe when you see them.

Capturing textures is part of the experience.  I loved the way the sun shot through the atmosphere and illuminated the green and shimmering textures on these old stones lodged into the ground.  

Acadia National Park Maine_2383.jpg

The landscape itself was truly captivating.  It was fun to just hike and take in the epic beauty of nature all around the mountain.  During the early Springtime of year, there was hardly anyone around.

The view from the mountaintop was especially great.  I love how the ocean and blue atmosphere cast a smooth cerulean blue over the town below.

SpringMarc Andreo