Camrose Hill Wedding // Stillwater MN Wedding // Elena & Alex

Camrose Hill Wedding // Stillwater MN Wedding

A Magical Camrose Hill Farm Wedding in Stillwater, Minnesota

Every Camrose Hill wedding has a sort of magic to it.  The place itself is laid out in a sort of magical way, with every nook and cranny featuring a picturesque array of floral elements.  It’s a Minnesota wedding venue that is super-photography friendly.  There’s just so many wonderful backdrops for portraits and moments.  Elena and Alex’s Camrose Hill wedding featured many of those wonderful rustic backdrops. From a secluded ceremony surrounded by dense forestry to sun-kissed golden hour photos in the lush Camrose Hill gardens, this wedding elevated the powerful floral elements that remind us of sweet summertime.

Camrose Hill Flower Farm

Inside the Camrose Hill Bridal Suite

Camrose Hill has one of the best bridal suites I’ve seen.  It’s a beautiful little red cottage on the property, surrounded by colorful wildflowers.  The important thing to consider for any getting ready photos is whether or not the bridal suite space gets natural light.  Of course, I’ve shot weddings where there are no windows in this space and we make due.  But with natural light streaming in from all the windows, the Camrose Hill wedding suite really has a lightness to it that is conducive to wedding photos.

Wedding First Look with Dad

I would say one out of every three brides I work with choose to have a First Look moment with their father.  Elena and Alex’s decided to see each other until she walked down the aisle at Camrose Hill.   I always try to find a scenic First Look spot with plenty of open shade, so the lighting for the pictures is even.  The First Look happens very quickly and there are no do-overs of the authentic emotions.  As a photographer, make sure it’s set up right and that everyone involved knows what they’re doing and where they should be.

Camrose Hill Wedding Ceremony

One of the most beautiful features of Camrose Hill Flower Farm is the outdoor ceremony space.  There are apparently two spots where ceremonies can take place.  Due to rain from the night before and soggy grass, the ceremony was moved to the more secluded spot you see featured in the pics below.  I loved how contained this spot felt.   Being surrounded by trees and enclosed nature gave this ceremony spot an intimate feel.

Wedding Ring Photos

There is a million and one ways to take photos of wedding rings or any details shots.  In a lot of my details shots, I like to incorporate the natural surroundings.  This can be as simple as clipping some tree leaves and having a neutral backdrop, or finding a spot that is simple and works well for the photos.  The moss on this log was perfect and the lighting just right, so I chose this spot for some stellar wedding ring photos.

First Dance & Reception at Camrose Hill

A Minnesota Outdoor Wedding Venue Open-Air Reception Space

The First Dance is always a big moment for most couples.  It can also sometimes feel a little awkward.  I like to remind couples to enjoy this moment.  It’s only a few minutes and it’s a one-time deal.  Have fun and soak it all in!  My goal here is to get some photos that capture the sweetness of the moment and the couple in love.  One wonderful thing about the Camrose Hill wedding reception space is that it is open-air. The Camrose Hill wedding reception space features an open-air area decorated with little lights on tree branches, adding to the magic of the wedding reception.

Golden Hour Photos

Portraits at one of the most exciting MN Outdoor Wedding Venues

You’ll hear a lot of wedding photographers talk about Golden Hour as the best time to take portraits.  I mostly agree with this.  Get some portraits done earlier in the day when make-up and hair are fresh and then later at golden hour.  Golden hour is the hour before sunset.  It is a great time for portraits because the lighting at this time is softer and more even. Also, depending on the location, the golden sunsets can produce very flattering skin tones.  Also, couples tend to relax more by the time golden hour hits.

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