Lifestyle and Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Serene Imagery, Intentionally Understated

My name is Marc and I would relish the opportunity to shoot your wedding.   So many of my clients respond with warm enthusiasm and excitement when they receive their wedding photo collections.  Amongst those replies there is one common thread - they are receiving photos of themselves that they didn't know were possible.  The story of your wedding is such a personal thing.  I know the ebb and flow of a wedding in & out, and I help my clients along the way in establishing shot lists, itineraries and discussing the kinds of images they want to see.   My aim is to give you the best photos of your life, capturing all the subtle details and magical greatness that is your wedding day.  I have a visual arts background & a great eye for authenticity.  I love to guide in posing and help people open up and feel confident in front of the lens.  My brand is a blend of of elegant and honest portraiture mixed with lifestyle photography.  I promise my clients a personalized collection of classic and timeless imagery that captures the people, the places and the details of your wedding day;  treasured images which will be cherished by you & your loved ones for generations to come.



My Approach

As a photographer with nearly a decade of experience, I have worked with people at all levels of comfort and posing know-how.   I blend a lifestyle photography approach with elements of fine art portraiture, focusing on natural and candid moments.  I have an approachable and welcoming personality, and this puts my clients at ease in front of the camera.  I am skilled at posing, and always walk clients through the poses so that everything feels natural and easy.   I aim to present you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience - the end result is  a photo collection that you never knew was possible.


On Film & Digital Photography

Over the years I have shot comprehensively in both digital and film formats. I love working with film on weddings & engagements because of its natural beauty and softer, more elegant qualities.   I also enjoy shooting digital at weddings for its efficiency, clarity in low light situations, and it's ability to capture moments quickly and unobtrusively. I work with advanced film and digital cameras, and collaborate with expert lab technicians for processing & scanning.  I edit the digital images to match the film palette.  My visual style is airy & soft, with pastel tones; elegant, gentle images.